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Proudly Serving Oracle Since 1966 . . .
Our Mission: To serve our community by providing timely, competent and professional care.

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OFD BOARD VACANCY – Oracle Fire District Fire Board now has a vacancy for a seat. The remainder of the term will expire Nov. 30, 2018. Click HERE to get the Letter of Interest to fill out. Mail or drop it by the OFD fire station.

ORACLE FIRE DISTRICT BOARD CEREMONY June 12, 2018. There was a ceremony at the monthly Oracle Fire Board meeting for Dale Suter. Dale was recognized for time served as a Fire Board member from 2016 to present. He is shown here with Fire Chief Robert Jennings (left) accepting his award and his wife Catesby with cake (right).

SCHOOLS OUT! – Thursday, May 31, 2018. Oracle firefighters celebrate the last day of school for Mt. Vista students with a splash

ORACLE HORSE OWNER’S Evacuation Preparation Group (OHO)
will meet again on at Oracle Fire Station. We will let you know when. . The purpose is to further discuss these topics:
• To educate Oracle residents of the need to prepare for evacuations in advance of an emergency;
• To connect horse owners with other horse owners, help one another;
• To determine safe staging areas and temporary shelters;
• To establish a list of people with horse trailers who are willing to re-enter evacuated areas of Oracle to pick up horses in staging areas;
• To communicate this list of people to the Oracle Fire District to ensure access to staging areas.
To sign up for future meeting dates and more information, please email: horses.are.purlove@gmail.com or inquire at Oracle Fire Station at 896-2980.

ORACLE BURN BAN – Oracle Fire Disctrict now has a Burn Ban in place from April 1 through October 1, 2018. Burn permits for both residential and agricultural purposes are not valid during this time. To get more information from Pinal County click HERE.

BRUSH DUMP NEWS April 18, 2018 – Oracle Fire District was able to burn the huge amounts of weeds, grass and brush that have accumulated at the Brush Dump located on American Ave. near the entrance to Oracle. It is now open for your use.

What is a Red Flag Warning? – According to the National Weather Service, a Red Flag Warning is issued when a "combination of low humidity, strong winds, dry ground cover, and warm temperatures are expected to bring critical fire weather conditions to the warned area." When we have these conditions, you may see our NEW, larger red flag flying in front of the fire station. Please be vigilant and cautious especially on these days.

PEPPERSAUCE FIRE – Oracle Fire assisted Coronado National Forest (CNF) with a fire near Sycamore Canyon on Monday, March 26, 2018. The fire was fought by air and by ground. Crews were able to contain the fire throughout the night and will continue to be on site securing the edge, monitoring and mopping up. Great job to all who helped with the fire and thank you to Coronado National Forest for the quick response. (photo Boe Pfleger)

NEW FIRE FIGHTER – We welcome John Savage as our newest Full Time Fire Fighter. Fire Fighter Savage has reserved with Oracle for the last two years and was awarded a full time position this March 2018. John also served in the U.S. Marines for five years. We thank Fire Fighter Savage for his commitment to our community and country.

ORACLE TOWN HALL – We had our Oracle Firewise Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, March 22nd, at 6pm at Oracle Community Center. Wildfire season is just around the corner and we learned about what you can do to better protect your house and family, and how to prepare for possible evacuation. Representatives from the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management, Pinal County Emergency Management, Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, Department of Public Safety and The Red Cross participated in the meeting.
Additionally, a couple of new groups were at the meeting to talk about what they are doing in our community: the Oracle Horse Evacuation preparation group and the Oracle “Village People,” for neighbors helping neighbors.

FIREFIGHTER OF THE YEAR – Nick Brening was recognized as the 2017 Firefighter of the Year at a presentation dinner at the Elks in San Manuel on Saturday, January 20, 2018.
Nick has been with Oracle Fire District for approximately two years. During that time Nick was able to fill in as shift lead during the absence of our captains or engineers. His commitment and very positive attitude are greatly appreciated by the district and surrounding communities. We congratulate Nick on his achievement. We look forward to his  continued service. Shown here is Oracle Fire Chief Robert Jennings with Nick accepting his award. Photo by Jennifer Carnes.
Here is a photo of Nick Brening with the Fire Chief, officers and some of our firefighters at the dinner.

Brush Dump Revamp . . . (January 2018) Recently, the Oracle Firewise group started preparing for a revamp of the Brush Dump near the entrance to Oracle to facilitate a better way for folks to get rid of their limbs, leaves and firewise hazards off their property and to facilitate the area better for burning and clearing. Shown here is the group preparing buckets to designate areas for dumping.

Captain Paul Farrell . . . was recognized at the most recent Oracle Fire District Fire Board meeting (11/2017) for obtaining the level of Engine Boss. This is prestigious certification that takes many years of hard work both in the classroom as well as on wildfire assignments. A“task book” is started very early in one’s career, and, little by little, significant accomplishments are achieved, signed off, and intermediate levels are assigned until finally, every objective in the task book is completed. At that point, the book goes in front of a “Red Card Committee” at the Arizona State Forester’s Office. It is this committee which determines whether the designation of Engine Boss should be awarded.
PaulFaward Captain Farrell received this official title this month. As an Engine Boss, Captain Farrell can lead a wildland fire engine out on assignments, either here in the Oracle Fire District, throughout Arizona or elsewhere in the United States.
Thank you Captain Farrell for your hard work and dedication to your profession and to Oracle Fire District! And, special thanks to Martha, David, and Patrick Farrell for the huge sacrifice of your husband and father during these lengthy and dangerous assignments.
davidSelby-ff Firefigter David Selby . . . Welcome Firefighter David Selby to the full-time rank at Oracle Fire District. Firefighter Selby was hired as a “Reserve Firefighter” in 2015, and after passing a lengthy testing and interviewing period, was hired full-time this July.
Thank you Firefighter Selby, for your hard work and dedication to the community of Oracle, the State of Arizona, and the United States of America.

building-newNEW OFD BUILDING – Wondering what is happening at OFD with the new building? When complete, this building will be utilized for some storage that replaces the old building on Mt. Lemmon Highway that was sold last year.

H.O.P.E. (Health Outreach Prevention Education) Walk – Fire Prevention Week (Oct. 9-13): This week was a busy week for both OFD personnel and the support groups Firewise and CERTs. Volunteers were needed to teach or assist teaching Oracle students about Fire Safety, Firewise, and Fire Prevention. Firefighters on duty brought fire trucks to the school to acquaint the children with both firefighters and their equipment. Firewise and CERT volunteers also assisted in traffic control on Friday, Oct 13th during the actual HOPE four-mile walk where children go through the streets of Oracle.

2017 PROPERTY AWARDS OF THE YEAR – (Sept 12, 2017). The Oracle Firewise Board presented the 2017 property awards of the year to residents of Oracle. Mary Harris and Becky Taylor, co-chairs of the Board, presented the residential award to two different locations this time, Rodolfo & Margaret Moreno and Andrew & Allison Hendrix. The commercial award went to Living Word Chapel. Lead Pastor James Ruiz accepted the award for the church.
propertygroup Shown above are co-chairs Becky Taylor and Mary Harris, Fire Chief Jennings, Pastor James Ruiz, the Moreno and the Hendrix families with their certificates.
Oracle Fire District Fire Chief Robert Jennings was at the presentation and spoke to the audience about the importance of being firewise and clearing property of brush, grass and other potential fire fuels. He said that it has helped in recent fires in the area and has prevented fires from spreading. He also commended the Firewise Board and group for the work they do.
propertysignsThanks to the efforts of Dale, Brian and Kevin the new property award signs are now in front of each of the properties.

You can't afford not to be on this list for emergency notifications. Click to go to the "ENS" form and be sure to get any additional numbers (besides your landline) in the system by filling it out and returning it to Oracle Fire District. Just drop it by the fire station.

FIREWISE PUBLICATIONS – Here is a list of firewise publications that may be useful to you. Click HERE to select your interest.

MORE INFORMATION – Would you like more useful info on wildfire? Click HERE for News & Information, Fire Weather, Maps, WIldland Fire Data in Google Earth, Arizona Fire Ecology, WIldland Fire, Firewise Resources, Smoke and Air Quality, Info for Before, During and After a Wildfire, How to Help and Fire Prevention & Education topics. There are several excellent artlces relative under each topic you can click to at the Arizona Interagency Wildfire Prevention website.

WILDFIRE INFORMATION – There is ONE WEBSITE that has the best information on all major fires in the US. Make this a bookmark for Arizona and any other state you may want to check on. The home page takes you to the most current and largest fires. It has maps, details and updates. For all fires in one state, click at the top right, choose your state and click GO. Click HERE to go to that site or bookmark the link: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/




Daily Totals:
Latest rain on 6/16/18
at OFD: 0.30"
at Water Tank Rd: 0.39"
Daily rain totals are recorded
from midnight to midnight.

Total YTD Rain
at OFD: 6.36"
at Water Tank Rd: 6.49"
TOTAL Yearly Rain at
Nuestro for 2017: 14.45"
TOTAL yearly rain at
Water Tank Rd.:
for 2017: 14.45"
for 2016: 17.40"
for 2015: 22.18"
for 2014: 13.96"
2017 year total: 10.14"
2016 year total: 15.75"
2015 year total: 19.66"
2014 year total: 13.22"
2013 year total: 15.28"
2012 year total: 14.71"
2011 year total: 15.06"
2010 year total: 18.76"
2009 year total: 13.96"
2008 year total: 24.00"


• 2018-2019 OFD Approved Operations Budget is now available for viewing. Click HERE to view it.
• T
he 2017-2018 OFD Adopted Operations Budget is also available for viewing. Click HERE to view it.


RECALL: There has been a recall on Kidde Fire Extinquishers. Click HERE to find out more information and the serial numbers affected.

The Fire Status in Oracle
presently is at VERY HIGH!


You can't afford not to be on this list for emergency notifications. Click to go to the "ENS" form and be sure to get any additional numbers (besides your landline) in the system by filling it out and returning it to Oracle Fire District.

One Less Spark, One Less
Wildfire, go to: http://www.wildlandfirersg.org/
for more information.

BRUSH SITE – The brush disposal site is open on Sundays as well as the rest of the week (7am-5pm).


ORACLE STREET MAP – We have an online printable version of Oracle map book pages with hyperlinked street legend, one hundred block grid lines (in 400 increments) and gallons-per-minute, color-coded hydrants. Click HERE or on the map below.

NEIGHBORHOOD FIRE RISK EVALUATION MAP – An on-site evaluation has been completed for all addressed properties located within OFD boundaries. To see the Oracle map with evaluations Click HERE or on the map below.

TAXING INFORMATION – A list of OFD Taxing Information is available by clicking HERE as well as information as to what your Fire Dept. Taxes have provided since 2004.

OFD ORACLE WEBCAM! – We have a webcam in Oracle atop the Fire Dept. building thanks to a donation from the Oracle Firewise Board. It will refresh every minute. Click on the blue icon in the weather station box near the top of this page.

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