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THE BRUSH DUMP BURNS! (7/21/14) Our long-awaited event at the Oracle Brush Dump occurred on July 21st and It was a very manageable fire. The brush burned much slower than predicted it would; we actually had to encourage fire growth by torching out ahead of the fire. Humidity in the 30% to 40% range is ideal burning conditions and we are currently at 40%.
We had 23 Department of Corrections Wildland Firefighters watching over the fire, plus our OFD on-duty crew. We had a complete burn and met all objectives.
Shown here is Oracle and Florence Wildland crews working together to burn brush at the Oracle Firewise Brush Dump.
home burn

Homeowners' TREE Workshop & Firewise Education – Oracle Firewise teamed up with the Arizona Forestry Division to host a Tree Workshop on July 18th. About 50 people attended the 3 hour event.

Coronado lifts all fire restrictions – The wet start to monsoon 2014 has prompted federal forest officials to lift all campfire restrictions across Southern Arizona, starting July 11. Regular periods of rain and increased air moisture have lessened the likelihood of a wildfire on the Coronado National Forest. Campers are reminded to always practice fire safety. One less spark means one less wildfire.
• Before going hiking or camping, check with public land management agencies for fire regulations, restrictions or area closures.
• Metal fire rings or grills should be used where present.
• If building a fire on the ground (in areas where permitted), a location should be selected which is away from adjoining or overhanging flammable material, and the ground beneath and around the fire should be cleared of all flammable materials.
• If you have a campfire, make sure it is fully extinguished before leaving the area. Fires should be doused with water and dirt and stirred with a shovel until completely cold to the touch.
• If you are using a portable stove, make sure the area is clear of grass, pine needles, leaves, and other fine fuels.
• Cigarettes should never be thrown out the window of a vehicle. Always use an ashtray to prevent wildfires.
• Practice Leave No Trace principles - pack out cigarette butts and burned materials from your camping area.
• Never park a vehicle over dead grass; the catalytic converter can ignite the vegetation.
• Maintain vehicle brakes, keep tires properly inflated, and shorten tow chains to prevent sparks.
• Use caution while discharging a firearm, operating an internal combustion engine, welding, or operating acetylene or other torches with an open flame, or using explosives.
• Fireworks are always prohibited on federal lands.

What to have on hand for an unexpected power outage – Wondering what to have on hand in case the power ever goes out? Here are a few of the items TEP says homeowners should have on hand or to do in case of an extended power outage:
• A three day supply of water- one gallon of water per person, per day; a first aid kit; and a flashlight with extra batteries.
• Put extra supplies in an easy grab-bag like backpack in case an evacuation is ordered.
• Avoid opening the refrigerator, this keeps the food from spoiling; if unopened it can safely keep food cold for about four hours.
• Turn off the air conditioning. Power surges can damage it, resulting in costly repairs and a longer time without cool air during the hot summer months.
• Do not to use candles. If the candles start a fire, there will be more than a power outage to worry about.
• Keep an extra set of keys are and try to keep your cell phone fully charged. For more information go online to: https://www.tep.com/outage/safety/preparation/

One Less Spark, One Less Wildfire – go to: http://www.wildlandfirersg.org/ for more information!

ARIZONA FIRE SEASON is in full swing with several fires right now. Go to: http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/ for more detailed information on active fires in the US. You can also review fires from other states as well.

THE NEW ORACLE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM Click HERE to go to the "ONE CALL NOW" form. Please be sure to get any additional numbers in the system by filling out this form and returning it to Oracle Fire Dept.

PROPERTY EVALUATION MAPS – NEW property evaluations by members of the Fire Dept. and the Firewise board have been conducted. Final results are not posted yet, but we will inform you when they are. In the meantime, if you would like to see the present map to see how your property was doing in 2009, click HERE to go DIRECTLY to that page.

WILDFIRE in the Galliuro Mountains – a wildfire in the Galliuro Mountains can be seen from Oracle. This fire was ignited by lightning on June 17, 2014. It is located on the Safford Ranger District of the Coronado National Forest. The fire is being managed for multiple objectives, within a planned area boundary using strategy and tactics necessary to minimize impacts to sensitive areas and values at risk while maximizing benefits to natural resources. The fire is expected to grow to the south and west of China Peak until a monsoonal weather pattern settles into the area where the fire is burning.

RED FLAG WARNING DAY – Note: Our local fire status is now considered to be HIGH. Please be careful. Oracle Firewise Board along with Oracle Fire Dept has installed a NEW flag pole at the station just for flying this red flag when conditions are in place to indicate Fire Weather Warning. A Red Flag Warning means high fire danger with increased probability of a quickly spreading vegetation fire in the area within 24 hours.

SIGN UP FOR THE NEW ORACLE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEM Click HERE to go to the "ONE CALL NOW" form. Please be sure to get any additional numbers in the system by filling out this form and returning it to Oracle Fire Dept.
Oracle Fire and the Firewise Board are pleased to announce a new phone system ("One Call Now") that is the fastest way to get emergency information out to our community. This system has been funded by the Oracle FIREWISE Board and unlike our older system, it will deliver hundreds of emergency notifications at once to all phone numbers that are participating.

NEW FIRE STATUS SIGN IN ORACLE – The Oracle Firewise Board purchased a new sign to help alert the community and travelers alike, to current fire danger conditions. Oracle CERTs volunteered to install the new sign on property owned by long time Oracle citizens Frank Pierson and Mary Ellen Kazda (Kaz). The dial indicator on the sign will be changed whenever the Smokey Bear sign at the fire station is changed.
From left to right: Dan Piermarini, Kevin Armbrust, Brian Kirkpatrick and John Medley

Follow National Firewise Communities recommendations for making your home and property safer from wildfire. You can find lots of information on their website by clicking HERE.

READY, SET, GO PLANThis personal Wildfire Action Plan is invaluable for providing a lot of helpful tips on protecting your home and your family from wildfire and it also includes good checklists. Click HERE to read the pdf.
It's that time of year when we all need to be on extreme alert for smoke and fire. Please call 911 at the first sighting, and please check out this document.



Latest rain on 7/28/14
at OFD: 0.01"

Total Rain for 2014:
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DEW POINT temperature?
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Total Rain for 2013:
at OFD:
at Water Tank: 16.01"
at E. Nuestro: 13.65"
Past Year Total Precipitation
2012 year total: 14.71"
2011 year total: 15.06"
2010 year total: 18.761"
2009 year total: 13.96"
2008 year total: 24.00"


• Donate dog & cat food, here,
Mon - Fri, 7am - 5pm
• Wildfires are often started by sparks from dragging chains, welders, grinders & chainsaws!
• Fire Season is here! Are you prepared?
A new medication disposal box is now located at OFD for Oracle and Mammoth residents to dispose of unused medications. It is available from 8am to 5pm.

Our weather station is working. Hope you enjoy getting actual Oracle weather temperatures.

BRUSH SITE – The brush disposal site is open on Sundays as well as the rest of the week (7am-5pm).


ORACLE STREET MAP – We have an online printable version of Oracle map book pages with hyperlinked street legend, one hundred block grid lines (in 400 increments) and gallons-per-minute, color-coded hydrants. Click HERE or on the map below.

NEIGHBORHOOD FIRE RISK EVALUATION MAP – An on-site evaluation has been completed for all addressed properties located within OFD boundaries. To see the Oracle map with evaluations Click HERE or on the map below.

TAXING INFORMATION – A new list of OFD Taxing Information is available by clicking HERE as well as information as to what your Fire Dept. Taxes have provided since 2004.

EMERGENCY EVACUATION LIST – If you would like to have a suggested EMERGENCY EVACUATION LIST click HERE to see and print the pdf to have handy.

Reserve Firefighters are people who really make a difference in our community! What does it take?
Click HERE for more information.

OFD ORACLE WEBCAM! – We have a webcam in Oracle atop the Fire Dept. building thanks to a donation from the Oracle Firewise Board. It will refresh every minute. Click on the blue icon in the weather station box near the top of this page.




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