is operated by the Oracle Firewise Board and Oracle Fire District.

Hours of operation are: 7am-5pm.
The exchange of the key will now take place at the front window, like a bank teller, to reduce the amount of contact between the public and our staff and volunteers.

Due to the large amount of brush, limited space, and the inability to burn during this continued drought, the Oracle Brush Dump will close temporarily on Thursday, May 13, 2021, (last day to dump is Wednesday, May 12, 2021), and will reopen when we receive enough rain to allow us to safely burn the brush.
Over the last few years, use of the Brush Dump has steadily increased. We are aware that contractors are bringing brush from outside of the Oracle Fire District as our prices are significantly lower than most landfills. However, Oracle Brush Dump was founded by Oracle Fire District (OFD) to encourage Oracle residents to Firewise their properties, as Oracle is a community at high risk of wildfire due to the dense, and now, very dry, vegetation.
OFD does not have the funds, nor the manpower, to keep up with such exponential growth, and therefore, when reopened . . .
RATE INCREASE – Once the Brush Dump is re-opened, due to rising costs in operating the brush dump, the rates will be increasing to: $5.00 for one load /  $10.00 for a truck and trailer / $20.00 for a dump truck. For more information, please check this website
or call 520-896-2980, Monday through Thursday, 8a- 4pm.
Respectfully, Robert Jennings – Oracle Fire Chief

Please ensure that you only bring vegetation to the brush dump. Construction materials, even though made of wood, are not acceptable. Our permit is for vegetation only. This brush dump is offered to the community of Oracle as a means for our residents to create defensible space around their homes and to strengthen our Firewise community. There is only one other community in southern Arizona that offers such a privilege. PLEASE help us keep the brush dump for vegetation only. All other trash, construction materials, and green cactus need to go to Waste Management.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. As a local government entity, we feel obliged to follow government recommendations but we have heard you over the last three weeks and made the decision to open back up a bit early to accommodate all of you who have been hard at work clearing brush around your properties and doing your part to make Oracle a safer place to live.

We appreciate exact change: $3 for one load (the back of a truck or a trailer), $5 for both the back of a truck AND a trailer, $10 for a dump truck. You may pay for multiple loads if you know you’ll be making multiple trips. We do not have a cash register and cannot make change for anything over a $5 bill.
Remember, items gladly accepted are: tree trimmings and brush. Items NOT accepted are: cactus, garbage, lumber, stumps, paper, plastics, metal, fluids and site-cleaning materials.

HOURS & KEY: Current hours of operation are: 7am-5pm. Please see latest information above for present details. Please bring exact change.

LATEST BRUSH BURN: On Wednesday, April 15, 2020 the brush at the dump was burned successfully.

BRUSH BURN: (7/21/14) After seeing the piles start to build up, our long-awaited burn at the Oracle Brush Dump occurred in July 2014 and It was a very manageable fire. The brush burned much slower than predicted it would; we actually had to encourage fire growth by torching out ahead of the fire. Humidity in the 30% to 40% range is ideal burning conditions and we are currently at 40%. We had 23 Department of Corrections Wildland Firefighters watching over the fire, plus our OFD on-duty crew. We had a complete burn and met all objectives. Shown here is Oracle and Florence Wildland crews working together to burn brush at the Oracle Firewise Brush Dump.
home burn


Check HERE for more photos of the Brush Disposal Site and our staff in action.

The Site is open to residents of Oracle. Items gladly accepted are: tree trimmings and brush.
Items NOT accepted are cactus, garbage, lumber, stumps, paper, plastics, metal, fluids and site cleaning material.

The collected brush is burned multiple times per year depending upon weather conditions. Burning and extinguishing the brush has become a popular method for training new firefighters. Firefighters learn how to properly use various ignition devices, also operating fire engine pumps, deploying hoses, nozzles and providing various methods of water delivery.

The Oracle Brush Disposal program began in the mid to late 1980s. During the early years of the program, Pinal County and the Oracle Volunteer Fire District, provided equipment and volunteer manpower to collect and burn vegetative waste products approximately six times per year.
The collection site was at the current location of the Waste Management Transfer Station on E. American Ave.

After the Aspen Fire of 2003, Oracle Fire Department officials decided that the community of Oracle needed to implement a Firewise program. The Oracle Fire Department hosted several public meetings and workshops, and community interest in the Firewise program quickly developed. During those meetings and workshops, local citizens expressed much concern about Oracle's high fire hazard conditions. Homeowners were eager to participate in the new Firewise program in an effort to help their homes survive a catastrophic wildfire. Many of them aggressively began creating defensible/survivable spaces around their homes by removing flammable items such as grass, brush, low hanging tree limbs, etc.   
The East American Ave. brush disposal program quickly proved to be inadequate for the large quantities of brush that home owners were now removing from their properties. An alternate site was selected on West American Avenue, and with the help of the Arizona State Land Department, a "right to use" agreement was entered into. Oracle was divided into quadrants and community volunteers staffed the new brush disposal site. Each Saturday people living in one of the selected quadrants were allowed to bring as many loads of brush as they could during that day. The popularity of the Firewise program grew so quickly, that every 4th Saturday simply wasn't enough to accommodate community brush disposal needs. The Oracle Fire Department and the Oracle Firewise Board decided that the brush disposal program should be managed by the fire department. A small fee schedule was adopted to cover the anticipated costs of managing the site.