Oracle Fire Department ROSTER

The Oracle Fire Department is currently in a transitional stage from an all-volunteer department to a career department. Department staffing consists of a combination of full time, part time and volunteer firefighters. Most of the firefighters are EMTs and are wildland-certified.

Fire Chief, Larry Southard
Administration Chief, Tina Acosta   
Battalion Chief, Brian McGinnis
Battalion Chief, Robert Jennings
Captain 'A' Shift, open
Captain 'B' Shift, open
Captain 'C' Shift, open  

Engineer, Paul Farrell
Engineer, Albert Ortiz
Engineer, Tyler McGovern
Spencer Fairbanks
Brent Frost
Beau Houston
John Kraus
Rene Martinez
Thomas Mathews
Michael Opinsky
Jared Ortiz
Michael Parra
Cheryl Primero
Gilbert Seballos
Bryant Thomas
Harley Van Coillie
Jason Weiss
Dan Wilson

CERTs . . .
Kevin Armbrust
Collins Cochran
Susie Cochran
Bob Elder
Suzie Fairbanks
Virginia Gonzalez

Barbara Haas
Bernie Haas
David Harris
Lois Patterson Hatfield
Kate Horton
Doug Johnson
Brian Kirkpatrick
Karen Lombardi
Jenine Mayer
Joyce McRae
Amelia Olson
Rachel Opinsky
Cathleen Piermarini
Dan Piermarini
Cheryl Primero
Chuck Smallhouse
Mike Snyder
Terrie Southard
Judy Sparkman
Rob Walker

Justine Belknap-Manuszak
Samantha Buckler
Gregory Cole
Angela Navarro
Nate Ortiz
Nicole Primero-Predgo
Dante Ronquillo
Mark Sanchez
Mike Sanchez