Some examples of our CERTs (Community Emergency Reponse Team) in training with the Oracle Fire Department . . .

CERTs attend a fire department picnic.

CERTs (in green shirts) help out at a salsa contest at Oracle State Park.

CERTs take a CPR class.

CERTs (in green helmets) participate in a wildland fire academy.

CERTs staff a Firewise Booth at a public event.

Oracle CERTs prepare and are ready to serve a Thanksgiving meal at the fire station.

Oracle CERTs help out after a brush fire by bringing much needed food and beverages to the fire crew.



CERTs in training with the Oracle Fire Dept.:
Photos shown below:

CERTs and firefighters take a guided tour of Biosphere 2.
CERTs at the Fiesta de las Calabazas Park.
CERTs (in green shirts toward the back) help with a student Career Day event at the fire station.
CERTs and firefighters receive a briefing of the current rabies situation.