We're looking for a Few Good RESERVE FIREFIGHTERS at Oracle Fire District . . .

A Public Trust . . .
Reserve Firefighters are people who REALLY make a difference in our community! A firefighter is a position of public trust, and requires you to be a good and honorable citizen. You must be trustworthy, honest and willing to demonstrate loyalty and reliability. Firefighting is a profession that requires preparation through education and training.

• You must be at least 18 years of age;
• Current AZ EMT

• Current CPR
• Basic Wildland Certified
• Possess a high school diploma or equivalent;
• Be able to complete a Work Capacity Test;
• Have an Arizona driving license;
• Clean background check;
• No drug use;
In addition to these requirements, you should be professional in your approach to work, ready to respond, innovative and adaptive, dedicated to the community, and empowered to make a difference.

HOW TO APPLY: Click HERE or on the Application tab on left side of this page. Email the application/resume and current certifications to: rjennings@oraclefire.org.




Oracle firefighters respond to structure fires, brush fires, trash fires, vehicle fires, emergency medical calls, motor vehicle accidents, natural disasters, vehicle lock-outs, desert pest removal, and the list goes on and on.


Training is a necessary component for being a reserve firefighter. Many training opportunities, with a huge emphasis on safety, are offered throughout the year. Reserve firefighters are expected to continue training throughout their career. Physical fitness is a necessary part of being a reserve firefighter. The Oracle Fire District has a fitness center and all firefighters are expected to use it, or find other ways to stay physically fit.

Firefighting is not for everyone. Being a reserve firefighter requires a huge time commitment, can be physically demanding and can be dangerous.

Those few who can handle these challenges will be rewarded with the satisfaction of being able to help others when they most need it.