THE ORACLE FIREWISE BOARD was started in March 2005 by a group of volunteers. They created the Firewise Community Program designed to include homeowners, planners and developers, Arizona State Land and Cornado National Forest Service personnel.
The goal of this program is to educate community members on how to protect people and property from the risk of wildfires before fire starts. As a result of this effort and with the assistance of the UA Cooperative Extension, we were declared a nationally-recognized firewise community from Firewise Communities USA.


Mary Harris (Co-chair)
Margie Buchanan (Co-chair)
Judy Sparkman (Treasurer)
Kate Horton (Reporter)
Kevin Armbrust
Holt Bodinson
Collins Cochran
Susie Cochran
Connie Daugherty
Suzie Fairbanks
Tracie Gregg
Barbara Haas
Bernie Haas
David Harris
Doug Johnson
Karen Lombardi
Brian Kirkpatrick
Robert Kisling
Jim McNulty
LeRoy Fors
Rachel Opinsky
John Predgo
Dale Suter

TEN-YEAR FIREWISE BOARD ANNIVERSARY – On Sept. 23, 2014, our Oracle Firewise Board was recognized by the AZ State Forestry office for being an active and contributing board for ten years. Shown below is the award being presented by Carrie Dennett, Arizona State Fire Information, Prevention, and Mitigation Officer at Arizona State Forestry Division along with Firewise co-chairs Rachel Opinsky and Holt Bodinson.
The award itself is an engraved crystal sculpture in the shape of a flame. It's a great testament to the men and women who have served over the years on the Firewise Board as well as to the professional staff of the Oracle Fire Department, our state and federal partners and most of all, to the involved and responsible property owners of Oracle. The anniversary sculpture is on display at the office if you would like to stop by and see it. Congratulations!
10 year fwgroup-oct

National FIrewise Board Banner – presented to us in 2010 for our status in being "a recognized firewise community since 2005." We will display it at many of our functions.

fwboard Holding the banner (from left to right) is Rachel Opinsky, Joyce McRae, Albert Ortiz, Clare Grochocki, Kate Horton, Frank Pierson, Charlotte Poole, Doug Johnson, Judy Sparkman, and Tom Wetzel.

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Former Chairperson Frank PIerson at the dedication in March 2005