Some examples of Firefighter training with the Oracle Fire Dept. . . .

Firefighters practice using fire extinguishers on a simulated trash can fire.

Firefighters learn how to lift a dashboard to free a trapped victim.

Wildland firefighters practice deploying their fire shelters.

An EMS helicopter pilot offers safety intructions for approaching a helicopter.

(left) An open trench, where a new fire hydrant will be installed, provides an opportunity to stage a "trench rescue" drill. (right) The Search and Rescue team has located a victim. The 165-pound Rescue Randy dummy can now be dragged to a safe location. Versions of this drill are practiced over and over again throughout the year.

(left) Firefighters take turns climbing a ladder provided by the San Manuel Fire Dept. (right) Firefighters are waiting to receive their victim who is being lowered down the ladder.

(left) A firefighter student uses a hydraulic spreader (Jaws of Life) to remove a vehicle door. (right) A sand table is used to simulate a wildfire situation. Unlimited situations can be created to allow many firefighters to participate and watch others use various strategies to manage wildfires

(left) EMT students practice on a computerized victim simulator. (right) EMT students remove a live victim from a vehicle.

A victim has been packaged and loaded for a trip down the ladder.

Firefighters and CERTs practice loading a patient into a helicopter.

Firefighters are working in teams to lift a heavy recycling dumpster.

Firefighters are being taught how to use extrication air bags. These bags are very thin and can be inserted under machinery, vehicles or heavy equipment. They can lift many tons of weight.

Firefighters are conducting a Search and Rescue drill in an obstacle course. Their face shields have been "blacked out" for total darkness. Here they are having to remove their breathing apparatus (SCBA) equipment to slide their bodies through a tight space. Once they clear the obstacle, they will re-apply (don) their SCBA backpack without ever breathing any room air.